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I have been practicing Massage Therapy since 2002. My bodywork education began with training in Clinical Massage Therapy from the Soma Institute and has taken me to the more subtle aspects of the human systems. I have always been passionate about working with people to help calm their nervous systems and feel more at home in their bodies. 

I began studying Biodynamic Massage and  Biodynamic Cranial Therapy in 2016 with Todd Jackson. I completed a Biodynamic Massage mentorship program with Todd in July of 2021. This work has helped me as a recipient to such a degree that I completely changed my work. I feel honored to be with people in a way that can deeply transform them. 

My studies have been furthered by studying Infant Craniosacral with Carol Grey. I believe the earlier we receive this work in life the more we are set up for optimal wellbeing. 

My practice is located at 510 NE Dekum Ave 

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