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  • Masks are required at all times in the building. Please bring a mask or one will be provided for you before entering.

  • I will be wearing a mask during your session.

  • We will have an exhaust fan running the entire session to move air through the room and out the window.

  • All surfaces that you will come in contact with in the course of your session will have been cleaned thoroughly prior to your appointment (this is not new, but I am including this for the sake of transparency)

    • Hard and non-porous surfaces will have been cleaned and disinfected with medical grade disinfectant.

    • Linens are laundered and stored in such a manner as to not allow for contamination (again, not new but now in plastic containers)

    • Treatment rooms are vacuumed daily.

What I will be asking of you:

  • Please bring a mask and a water bottle.

  • Please take your own temperature prior to coming in. Anything over 100.00 is enough to require a re-schedule.

    •  If you have ANY symptoms whatsoever please be in touch to cancel your appointment. This includes allergies. There will be no late cancellation fees.

  • We have a touch free thermometer and pulse oximeter for use at the office and I will take your temperature if you have not already done so prior to your session. It’s not clear to me that this screening is useful but it certainly cannot hurt.

  • I will ask you to fill out a new informed consent form prior to your first appointment back. (Returning clients)

  • If at all possible arrive freshly showered and wearing clean clothes.

  • If at all possible, make your appointment the first stop of your day (i.e. please don’t go to Costco, Target and get a haircut before coming in.)

  • Upon arrival, please remain in your car and text me to let me know you have arrived. I’ll then be able to meet you at the door to let you in.

  • Please wash your hands immediately upon entering/ before going upstairs.

  • Once in my office, our sessions will proceed as they always have with the exception of now wearing face masks for the entirety of the session.

  • Please wash your hands again before leaving.

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